The Re4m™ Memory Cannula/Needle allows procedural steps shown to improve outcomes* and reduce patient discomfort.

The Re4m™ Memory Cannula retracted into the introducer for safe advancement within the urethra.

Reverts to its preformed shape when fully extended to reach lateral edges of the bladder.

Partially extended to treat proximal areas.

Retracted Re4m™ Memory Cannula

Fully Deployed

Partially Extended

Cannula Needle Tip

Collar surrounding needle to prevent inadvertent puncture of the bladder wall.

Rely™ Self-metering Syringe

The Rely™ Selfmetering Syringe delivers precise dose without looking. Eliminates need for a third hand.

In this way, treatment is accomplished with minimal to no pivoting of the cystoscope, resulting in less patient discomfort and with complete coverage of the base of the bladder.

* Kennelly M, Green L, Alvandi N, et al., Clean intermittent catheterization rates after initial and subsequent treatments with onabotulinumtoxinA for non-neurogenic overactive bladder in real-world clinical settings. CURR MED RES OPIN.2018

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