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Prostate Cancer Cells

Size Matters


URO-1 SUREcore Biopsy Needle
SoC Core compared SUREcore Needle Biopsy Core

Prostate Biopsy

SoC needle biopsy core
SUREcore needle biopsy core

Not enough tissue and poor tissue quality

can impede accurate diagnosis and genomic profiling


Inadequate biopsy frequently leads to diagnostic delay, procedure duplication... for health systems, this results in substantial incremental costs and inefficient use of scarce specialized diagnostic resources.



Our Solutions

SUREcore and coreCARE logo
URO-1 SUREcore Biopsy Needle

SUREcore Biopsy Needle

  • More tissue volume

  • Higher tissue quality

  • Minimizes fragmentation, tortuosity and crush artifact

  • Less sample-to-sample variability

coreCARE Biopsy Specimen Retrieval

coreCARE Specimen Retrieval

  • Simple “Touch and Go” method

  • Eliminates tissue handling

  • Preserves tissue integrity and orientation

  • Prevents fragmentation

  • Minimizes tissue artifact

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