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Prostate Biopsy

The SUREcore™ and coreCARE™ portfolio of products improves prostate biopsy by providing greater tissue volume with higher core integrity and less sample-to-sample variability and simplifies the entire process from sampling to histologic preparation and interpretation.

Intravesical Injections

The Repris Bladder Injection System, used in over 200 procedures, is associated with improved clinical outcome, increased patient tolerability, and procedure efficiency for the onabotulinumtoxinA treatment of overactive bladder syndrome (OAB).

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Soft Tissue Biopsy:
Prostate Biopsy

Improving prostate biopsy

SUREcore Biopsy Needle

More tissue volume with high tissue integrity, reduced tissue artifact and less sample-to-sample variability.
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Prostate Biopsy:
Specimen Retrieval

Tissue fragmentation, distortion, and artifact during specimen retrieval can adversely affect the diagnostic accuracy of prostate biopsy.

coreCARE Specimen Retrieval Kit

A simple “touch and go” method to retrieve the specimen from the needle preserves tissue integrity, prevents tissue fragmentation, deformation, and artifact.
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Intravesical injections: Treatment for Overactive Bladder (OAB) in Women

Urinary retention is most common post procedure complication.

Repris Bladder Injection System

Associated with a drastic reduction in post procedure urinary retention, enhanced patient experience and increased compliance with repeat treatment regimens.
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URO-1 Solutions

URO-1 provides complete solutions for male and female urologic procedures. These products increase the diagnostic accuracy of prostate biopsy, reduce workload and improve workflow in the clinic and the pathology lab


We conduct extensive studies to validate product design and clinical assumptions

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